S. J. Lutton


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If you click on the highlighted links beneath each cover photograph, you will find summaries of two novels: A Season in Picardy and The Gamov Incident. Both are historical dramas based on real events.

If you are partial to stories and characters of that genre, then you might find either or both interesting. 

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Samuel J. Lutton, born and raised in Western Pennsylvania, now makes his home in the Midwest.

Following a 7-year stint in military service, he began civilian life by writing computer code and then testing his punched-card programs on refrigerator-sized machines. Over the years his career evolved to include systems analysis, management consulting, and senior executive positions. For a time in between he lectured at Washington University in St. Louis.

His writings include essays, marginally poetic poems, and historical novels, two of which are briefly described herein.


A Season in Picardy, a novel about secrets and discovery, takes place during the last six months of the Great War (1918).  More...

Set a few years following the collapse of the former Soviet Union, The Gamov Incident is a modern mystery arising from the decades-old shootdown of an American spy plane during the early years of the Cold War.  More...